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Sample Member Profile

With every paid membership, MWN members get a full profile in our statewide database. Here's a sample profile (of our past President Vicki Worden) so you can see what to put in yours.

Profile Picture

(Find a professional, non-blurry headshot to go with your profile or upload your company's logo instead.)      


Add keywords that describe your business to your profile so others will be able to find you faster when searching. Note that every member has the ability to in-message another member.

Professional Information

You have the ability to add as little or as much as you want members to see, including what industries you are in. Your profile is completely in your control.

Member Bio

When creating a member bio, make it short and concise. Highlight your current experience, education and accomplishments, and summarize your business services and/or products. A few lines about your personal life are fine, but treat this profile like a professional resume. Make sure everything is grammatically correct and spell-checked.


If you want to be part of the MWN Member-To-Member Program, check it off in your profile and offer a specific discount for MWN members. See Nellie's Teas and Gifts to the right for an example.

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